An accessible and charming 5 minute adventure game made for the 2014 global game jam! Explore a seedy hotel for the truth behind a kidnapping! But are things not as they seem?

Theme: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are..".


OperationCharlie.exe 8 MB


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Brilliant game with awesome jazz music. I loved it!

thank you :)

Your very welcome.

I loved the game, & I made a video! I do apologize for the audio, the game music was a bit louder than my mic could pick up after I had finished recording. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Thank you so much Molly! I shared the video with the team and everyone was really happy to see the game played again.

Good job finding the easter egg of our teams mascot Pimpbird!

Even though I was double slammed with copyrights the minute I uploaded it, it was still worth recording it! lol. And I'm glad that my play through made your team happy.

As for the bird, I honestly don't know what made me go back into the bathroom. Kinda like a comb over of the scene to make sure I didn't skip over anything. And I'm glad that I chose to go back. Hooray for finding easter eggs!

Looking forward to seeing more from you and the team in the future. Best of luck!

Copyrights? Please tell me about that. I tried very hard to specially look for old music from old time radio's that wouldn't be copyrighted from old time radio recordings-

Yeah I like to do the same thing sweeping to make sure I didn't miss anything. Afterward conversations with the charcters that made it clear the main character was a nervous 8 year old girl who dressed up as a detective and imagined her friend's house as a seedy hotel would have been nice but at the end of the 48 hour jam we just didn't have time to add anything else. Visually at least you got to see stuff like the money was actually napkins and the drooling bouncer was actually a dog.

Thanks again but Its unlikely the team will be working together, we all met up as strangers during the jam and became friends as we made this game together. There was talk of making a second full game called Beehaw Jones ace detective but we never got together to make it.

I'll be posting more games in the future! For now I recommend you try out I made with John Mawhorter. Its also 5-10 minutes in length and we made it in only 24 hours. Its a historical reenactment of the trolley car system that used to run through Los Angeles.