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Ah, I love this game.  I've been playing it for a long time.  ^^

Most of the time I peter out at around 300 points but by some miracle I managed to make it to 513 one time!  :D  Which apparently makes me an 'Expert.'  ^^

Thank you for making this!  I've really enjoyed it!  : )

Jenne I was deeply moved by your comment.  Being able to help and support other people Is the most rewarding and important thing to me. It's what gets me through my hardest times and to find out I have been helping someone for years by giving them a fun game to play, means so much to me.   You truely are an expert in the game and I am really happy to tell you that  there is a sequel for pc and android phones-

I am sure you will greatly enjoy picking flowers.  I just finished downloading your  visual novel and I would love to correspond with you more.   Please give me something to talk to you with- email, discord, facebook or telegram 

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Wow, thank you for following me and downloading my game!  I would love to talk to you.  You can email me at:

*edited to remove email.  ^^

Cool game!

Thank you peu3! What's your high score?